Welcome to Camping Baie de Somme Plein Air!

camping-baie-de-sommeFrom the north to the south of the bay of the Somme, you are welcome in camping Baie de Somme Plein Air. A camping spot in the heart of nature. We love to share this magnificent nature and let you enjoy the incredible landscapes of the bay of the Authie, the bay of the Somme and the plain of the Hâble d’Ault.

We want to let you rediscover those lost bites of nature :

• Live in the heart of nature: barefoot in the grass and rediscover insects (frogs, dragonflies, ladybirds, snails and many other grass residents).
• Wake up with birds, fall asleep with crickets.
• Enjoy the smell of hawthorns, lilacs or roses.
• Nature determines your free time: swimming of kayak according to the tides, sail cart racing if we have the wind behind us or have a bike ride.

Baie de Somme Plein Air consists of 2 family campings where social contact is very important. Moreover, conservation of the nature of the surrounding area is also significant. We aim for ecotourism.

Arrival date :

Departure date :