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Discover the landscapes with its matching fauna and flora by crossing the bay from the north to the south, climb on one of the high sand hills, walk through the pine forest of Le Marquenterre to the bay with its fine sandy beaches, watch the tides coming and going, and continue your walk to the stony beaches where you can watch appear the rocky coasts.

To live according to the rhythm of the bay, to appreciate and respect her more, there is nothing better than a biking or hiking trip along one of the many bike and hike tracks

In the bay, we don’t know how to hurry: the tides determine the rhythm of our lifes!

In the bay, we don’t know how to hurry: the tides determine the rhythm of our lifes! Go bird or seal watching, go for a swim, drive a sail wagon of go kite surfing, shrimp or salicornia fishing…

If you love spending time in nature, you have found your paradise. But who says Bay of the Somme also thinks at history, architecture… but most of all people.

> Strongly recommended for your holiday in the spirit of Baie de Somme Plein Air…

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or extra information (restaurants, activities, walks…) at your arrival on the camping.

With some of these partners you can book online. This booking stands on its one and has nothing to do with the booking on the camping. They are bound to the conditions of the provider. The camping doesn’t manage this booking and therefore can’t give you more information about the booking. Moreover, the camping is not responsible for this activity.

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Office of tourist information of Le Crotoy
Office of tourist information Mers-les-bains

> Discover differently our region thanks to unforgettable moments with the family or among friend!

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