Our agreements

The campings of Baie de Somme Plein Air offer you the following guarantees to satisfy you even more :

A quality guarantee
An environmental guarantee in function of ecotourism

We want to offer you an unforgettable stay. Thanks to our never-ending effort, we can offer several labels that guarantee the quality of your stay.

> Our labels

Institutions with the label « Camping Qualité » bent on the needs of the consumers.

With the Camping Qualité label we stick to a list with more than 600 criteria to satisfy our clients as much as possible.

We agree to offer you the following:
A warm welcome
An impeccable domain
Precise information
A well-cared and protected location
With respect for the surrounding area

Every 3 years an audit takes place in one of our campings:
-In 2009 : 93,4 % satisfaction in camping Les Aubépines
-In 2010 : 92,4 % satisfaction in Kawan Village Le ridin.

In order to welcome you better and to improve the quality of tourist locations in France, the state of France has created the label QUALITÉ TOURISME™.

The label brings institutions that want to improve the client satisfaction together: residences, restaurants, bars, agencies of season rental and tourist services.

QUALITÉ TOURISME™, works as an identifying mark for quality institutions.
The quality of the reception and the services, professionalism, respect for the local products are some of the many things the label takes in consideration.

What agree the institutions with the QUALITÉ TOURISME™ label on ?

The institutions with the QUALITÉ TOURISME™ label are under independent supervision and agree to offer you the following :
A warm and personal welcome
Correct and precise information
A competent staff that is at your service
Clean and comfortable rooms
Knowledge of the region
Local tourist information, according to the questions of the tourists
clef verte

Clef Verte is a label that rewards tourist institutions for their environmental protection.

According the following criteria :
Environmental politics general environmental protection, training of employees.
Water protection : protection of water sources and purification, taps, cocks and fittings, irrigation.
Waste control : sort and limit waste
Energy protection : protection of energy sources, warmth, sanitary fittings, light.
Responsible purchases : food, upkeep, other purchases.
Environment : inside and outside
Sensibilisation : information to the guests, activities in nature

Each year an audit takes place in order to renew the label.

zero carbone
Objective of 0 carbone :

Limit and sort waste
Reconsider our water and energy consumption
Develop renewable energy sources that respect the environment
Survey of our actions in a durable program

Together we want a bay with a lower CO2-emission!

> Our chains

We have picked out two camping chains to cooperate because they represent the values that we find important for our holiday guests.

flower camping
Flower camping les Aubépines

Flower campings are 55 campings at « human seize » (maximum 250 stands) in France.

All owners of Flowercampings have the same passion
> They welcome holiday guests in a warm atmosphere, and pass on the love that they share for their region, all authentic regions of France.

All campings dispose of a swimming area: swimming pool, direct access or proximity of a lake, river or beach

Flowercamings agree the following :

A warm and personalised welcome. Always at your service.
A hearty atmosphere.
An impeccable domain.
A natural, clean and flowery setting.
Respect for the holiday guests.
An excellent knowledge of the region.
Respect for the surrounding area.
Clear and correct information
Respect for the label « Camping Qualité ».
A recreational service for the guests.

Kawan le Ridin

Kawan campings are 83 campings, 3 to 5 stars in 7 European countries.We are the first European chain and one of the only quality campings in Europe.

Kawan agree to welcome the guests in a hearty atmosphere. On the campings « cosiness » and « camping » still means something.

Kawan campings want to grant campers the spot of their choice by searching the balance between residential stands and rental stand.

Nature discovery and Environmental protection are the key words of this program. The campings often lie in a protected nature reserve. The Kawan villages respect their surroundings.

They participate in environmental protection by taking action. There is also an educative aspect, so children aren’t forgotten thanks to « green » activities that will acquaint them with the objectives of the program.

> Our partners :

CRT picardie

Comité Régional du Tourisme :

00 33 (0)3 22 22 33 66
Comité Départemental du Tourisme :
00 33 (0)3 22 71 22 71
La Baie Composée

> Tourist services :

Le Crotoy
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00 33 (0)2 27 28 06 46
00 33 (0)3 22 24 27 92
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> Our partners that offer you a discount :

You can enjoy our offers in Kawan village Le RidinYou can enjoy our offers in Kawan village Le RidinYou can enjoy our offers in Flower camping les Aubépines.
You can enjoy our offers in Flower camping les Aubépines, in Kawan village le Ridin.You can enjoy our offers in Flower camping les Aubépines.You can enjoy our offers in Flower camping les Aubépines, in Kawan village le Ridin.
You can enjoy our offers in Flower camping les Aubépines. You can enjoy our offers in Flower camping les Aubépines.

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